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Shop : Working with Other Realms : Faerie : 9348 Deeper Understanding of Faerie
  • Legacy PPV: Conversations with Lazaris: A Deeper Understanding of Faerie ~ Los Angeles, November 2018

    Product #9348

    9348 Deeper Understanding of Faerie
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Faerie, Between of Worlds, Stellar Origin

    Price: $49.95


    When we put out the call to you – our community – for questions for Lazaris, we received so many queries on specific topics that it is difficult to fit them all into a general Q&A session. So we’ve created a ‘spin-off’ we’ve titled Conversations with Lazaris, which will be a series of rich, intimate talks concentrating solely on one topic. Our first in the series will focus on the Faerie Realm.

    As you listen and watch Conversations with Lazaris: A Deeper Understanding of Faerie, what emerges is a collaboration, with Alisonn Rose asking Lazaris your questions and some of her own. As the two of them talk and laugh, their love becomes an undercurrent, and the conversation becomes a magical story that draws you in, reminiscent of a fairy tale. We become part of that enchanted domain, and our understanding of and relationship with Faerie is deepened as we explore these topics:

    - Differences

    - Between Humans and Faeries (and how we can work together)

    - Working in the Between of Worlds

    - Experiences with Faeries coming into the Human World

    - How our different Worlds affect each other

    - Faeries’ Stellar Origins

    Welcome to this magical time with Lazaris, awash in enchantment.

    Download a printable PDF with the list of questions and when they are asked.

    Production Credits:

    Interviewer - Alisonn Rose

    Video Production - Eric Belluche

    Sound Design & Engineering - Darren Nelsen & John Brinkman

    Sound Post Production - Eric Belluche

    Video Editing - Eric Belluche

    Graphic Design - Margie Deeb

    Proofing/Testing - Alix Jamieson


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