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Shop : Talisman, Books and Music : eBooks : Working with Your Shadow: An Imperative on the Spiritual Path -- eBook version
  • Working with Your Shadow: An Imperative on the Spiritual Path -- eBook version

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    Shadow Workbook

    Far from being the “black bag” of darkness it is often claimed to be, the Shadow is a Face of the Soul that is born with us and follows us, picking up things we drop along the way. It is the denied parts of self discarded by the child and scattered by the panicked adolescent — and the parts of us we don’t want to own at present, but someday will. But it is far more than that: It is the shimmering Light Shadow that holds our true reliability, value and worth, the beauty of our true spirituality, and the Lost Depths of Soul and Spirit. Lazaris dispels the misunderstandings and false definitions of the Shadow and gives us a seven-step process to encounter and transform it to release its immense energies. The Sundial Meditation helps us make peace with pieces of the Dark Shadow — which always results in the ever-more beautiful glimpses of the Light Shadow.

    Also suggested: The Sundial Meditation, guided by Lazaris,on the tape Working with Your Shadow. #531

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