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Shop : Talisman, Books and Music : Talisman : How Jach and Lazaris create Talismans and how you can work their magic (Free)
  • How Jach and Lazaris create Talismans and how you can work their magic (Free)

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    In this revealing video Jach talks about how he works with Lazaris to create talismans, how he works with this one, and more. These insights can add depth and meaning to talisman magic, and inspire you to expand your magic in ways you may not have considered. Topics included:

    – how Lazaris and Jach create the form, symbols, and colors of the talisman

    – orienting the talisman

    – several ways Jach uses this 2016 talisman

    – how to activate a talisman

    – how to work with a talisman on multiple projects simultaneously

    Millennium Talismans by Lazaris Copyright © 2016, NPN Publishing, Inc.

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    Keywords: Talisman, Millennium, crystal, runes

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