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Shop : Spirituality and Divinity : Higher Self : Receiving the Healing From Your Higher Self
  • Receiving the Healing From Your Higher Self

    Product #7012


    If you've found yourself wanting to listen to this recording, you can be sure that your Higher Self has a gift of healing for you right now. Allowing the Higher Self to give us gifts of healing is a way to move toward greater and greater self-love -- which is in itself the solution for so much. If we loved ourselves completely, we would love others more, and we would create a positive future. The four-phase process on this recording is an engaging and fascinating one. Lazaris helps us look at a host of potential obstacles on the way to more self-love: control, the elements of the Dark Shield, fear of trusting, happiness, love, intimacy. Then he presents us with a ball made of layers of brown moss, shell, mud, twine, and even a sticky tar -- a ball we unwind to be free of our blockages. Our Higher Self then heals us in a Chrysalis of Love (30 minutes) .

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    Keywords: Higher Self, Healing, Self-Love, Higher Self Healing Technique with Music, Chrysalis of Love Technique (Higher Self)

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