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  • Being Loved

    Product #406


    Out of the alchemy of giving love and receiving love comes the state of being loved -- the state in which spontaneously or by choice we are changed. Being loved eliminates blockages, allows for permanent (and fast) change, and allows us to move beyond ourselves into lives that have a purpose greater than ourselves. Lack of deservability, the entanglements of martyrhood and control and unexpressed emotions can block this state, but Lazaris shows us how to use the very energy itself to transform the negativity. In the meditation, the Old Man, The Crone, and our Counselors help us use the synergy of the love we give and the love we receive to transform who we are. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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    Meditation: Being Loved Meditation

    Keywords: Love, Blockages, The Old Man, The Crone, Qualities of Love, receiving

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