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  • Healing Our Personal Nemesis: Keys to Abundance

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    Lazaris begins this spectacular evening by pointing out why we are truly ready to heal our personal nemesis and by showing us why we need to heal that “enemy that we never grow tired of.” From the general consensus meaning of the word, nemesis, we turn to find the first clues within Greek Mythology and the story of the goddess, Nemesis. Lazaris points out that our nemesis is the part of us that wants to “right the wrongs” through requital, which has become the retribution of revenge. Our nemesis is not our negative ego, he adds. Our weak Ego-I is our enemy and it seeks retribution; it seeks to punish and to inflict pain. But it does not seek justice - a necessary component of our personal nemesis. After we discover what our nemesis is, we can prepare to heal it. We can ask and answer questions: “What do we feed our personal nemesis?” “What is the retribution we have experienced?” “Who is our nemesis?” The beauty of this evening becomes apparent when we work with our Higher Self and with Lazaris to actually initiate the healing of this seemingly timeless enemy: our personal nemesis. This evening is more powerful than is at first evident. It will be an evening to which we will return frequently to benefit from the magic. Meditation included.

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    Meditation: Healing Personal Nemesis

    Keywords: Nemesis, right the wrongs, justice

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