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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Mystery : Passion's Secret: The Mystery and Magic of Boundless Love
  • Passion's Secret: The Mystery and Magic of Boundless Love

    Product #688


    “Passion‘s fire can consume you, but it can also illuminate and then forge the truer, more real self. Its juices can drown you, but they also buoy you up and nourish and nurture you. Passion‘s secret: With it you can hear the music with greater clarity and purity. You can hear the music and respond with greater resolve: will, imagination, and love. Your magic can be more vibrant as well as more powerful.” (Lazaris)

    During this delightful evening, Lazaris elegantly reviews the true nature of passion and then guides us into the mystery of boundless love and then onward to uncover a step-by-step process for harnessing this transcendent expression of love: Pause/Reflect; Engage Will/Action; Engage Imagination/Feeling; and Understanding/Meaning - Perception/Conception. In an enchanting meditation we can awaken our passion once again and we can stir the energies and forces of boundless love. We can be the beneficiaries of its mystery and of its magic.

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    Meditation: Awakening Boundless Love

    Keywords: Passion, boundless love, unbridled enthusiasm, insatiable yearning, endless longing

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