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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Mystery : Lifting The Veil of Mattering and Revealing the Joy of Living and Loving Life (Evening Only)
  • Lifting The Veil of Mattering and Revealing the Joy of Living and Loving Life (Evening Only)

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    "Nothing has to be the same. Nothing. You can touch the joy that has no name; it can touch and change you. You can embrace the love that is beyond all names; it can embrace and heal you. With a pinch of magic, nothing has to be the same. It is so and so it is. Dare you let it be?" (Lazaris).

    Dare we let it be so elegant and so magical? So began the evening portion of the culminating weekend of 2006, the Year of Mattering. When mattering is more than clichés, when we can lift the Fundamental Veil of Mattering and find the meaning, significance, and value of mattering in our lives, four distinct phenomena can occur: powerful and profound qualities begin to awaken and stir (humility, patience, caring/concern, love, giving, and forgiving for example); illumination: there is a brightening of destiny and there is a clarity to our priorities; in addition, we can awaken an enriched texture of being Рa richer texture to our presence. Beyond finding meaning and receiving benefit, we can plunge deep into the mystery of mattering. Within that mystery we can encounter four more veils: the Subtle Veils of Mattering. Beyond these veils we can manifest our mattering, we can empower our magic, and we can find the joy that has no name and the love that is beyond all names: we can reveal the joy of living and loving life. And beyond the Subtle Veils of Mattering we can give mattering to the world. During this evening Lazaris lays out the step-by-step map. This recording serves as a beautiful outline for an amazing working of magic. The evening's concluding meditation is included.

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    Meditation: Initiating the Mystery of Mattering

    Keywords: mattering, love, joy, loving, living life

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