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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Mystery : Eyes of the Old Ones: Revealing and Unraveling Visions of a World Becoming New (Evening Only)
  • Eyes of the Old Ones: Revealing and Unraveling Visions of a World Becoming New (Evening Only)

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    Through the Eyes of the Old Ones, your life can glow, enchanted with magic, wonder, and grace. - Lazaris

    Their eyes met. Their hearts touched, and they surrendered to the moment. Their souls sang. In that joyous moment, each knew: Their lives were changed -- forever changed. Each received the bounty of their well-crafted hope. This recording is of the Friday evening that began the vision quest that is the Culminating Weekend of 2011: The Year of Hope. Lazaris began by discussing the current energies and forces at work in our world, encouraging us to step back and to view a broader horizon and to gain a wiser perspective. As the evening unfolded, he reminded us of the "eyes" through which we already observe and measure our reality. Beyond the "Eyes of the Ancients," there are the Eyes of the Old Ones. If we allow them to open, we can access unfathomable depths of creativity and imagination, and we can explore the bounty of sensuous mystery. Through the Eyes of the Old Ones, different from the eyes of our Higher Self or Soul, we can find inventive and innovative new opportunities and the wonder of second chances. We can unravel the mystery and power of paradox, and we can become the Visionaries of the current and future age. Sensing that the bounty and benefit are immense, Lazaris then detailed an ancient and complex ritual for opening those eyes. The powerful evening concluded with a dynamic meditation, Eyes of the Old Ones, which was a working of magic and is included in the recording.

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    Meditation: Eyes of the Old Ones

    Keywords: wonder, love, hope, wisdom, bounty, mystery, imagination, creativity

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