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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Mystery : A Journey to Grander Love: Hope's Mystery, Hope's Dream
  • A Journey to Grander Love: Hope's Mystery, Hope's Dream

    Product #8755


    We invite you upon a journey of grander love and grander healing. We invite you to unfold a mystery and to embrace a dream. ~ Lazaris.

    Against the backdrop of our current world, Lazaris suggests that the world needs hope. Beyond the obvious and beyond what we already know of hope, we can touch Hope's Mystery and, in the folds and recesses of that Mystery, discover and explore and embrace Hope's Dream. With a touch and an embrace, we can be on our way on a journey of grander love and of greater healing for ourselves, for our world, and for the world around us. There is magic in the telling and Lazaris talks about Grander Love: It is not more love, it is exceptional love ... it is expanded love.

    After a Lazaris Blending, he lays out a beautiful map in the form of a ritual: gathering our current hope, crossing the terrain to a sacred place where our Element is exalted, and working magic and allowing magic beyond our view. We can enter the mystery (Hope's Mystery) and touch. In that touch Hope's Dream, a dream that we create ourselves to be more than we have been and more than we have dared to be, can come alive. With an embrace we can open our way on a Journey of Grander Love. Beautiful, powerful, profound. This workshop concludes as we enact this ritual/meditation (Unfolding the Mystery, Embracing Hope's Dream). We reach past our "ring-pass-not" and a journey of grander love begins.

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    Meditation: Unfolding the Mystery, Embracing Hope's Dream)

    Keywords: Hope, Grander Love, Hope's Mystery, Hope's Dream, Journey of Grander Love

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