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  • The Reconnecting with Emotional Depth Meditation

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    Because of the trauma, shame, and pain we have experienced, too often our line to the real depth of our emotions is disconnected -- the capacity to link thought and feeling has been lost. This can result in several kinds of phenomena: Recurring emotion that is not connected to a memory, but just keeps recurring; the capacity to understand love, but not to feel it; and responding inappropriate to others' love and not being able to let it in. This meditation, done with a pentagram and beams of light, absolutely can reconnect thinking and feeling -- and the result is the ability to feel "connected" and "whole" and to experience a real sense of peace. A powerful liberation and healing.

    From the weekend seminar Seven Rituals To Create More Love in Your Life (90 minutes). Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #6


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    Meditation: Reconnecting with Emotional Depth

    Keywords: shame, trauma, pain, disconnected, love, reconnecting, wholeness, healing

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