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  • The Radiance of Resonance Meditation

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    The power of raising resonance is so important that variations of this meditation have appeared in many Lazaris intensives and weekends. Lazaris created this meditation especially for this series. He begins his narrative with a tender understanding of Luminous Intent -- the intent to be loved and to be loving that lies behind our best actions -- and even behind the most disappointing of our behaviors. Then he speaks of the Law of Resonance. The meditation which follows leads through a stunning valley to a lovely space, a place where three disks, laid out in a triangle, create a new, higher resonance that lifts us to new levels. We glow with the resonance of love itself, banishing martyrhood and negativity. This meditation can be used very specifically in our relationships with others, in our work, and in our growth, and its power to raise resonance grows stronger each time we do it. (30 minutes) Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #10

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    Meditation: The Radiance of Resonance Meditation

    Keywords: Resonance, Luminous Intent, Love, Paradigm Shift, Future Causation, Law of Resonance, Intricacy

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