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  • Sharpening Tools: Discovering + Awakening Desires

    Product #7001


    Though imagination is the greatest of the tools of reality creation, your desire is the real workhorse: For without desire, imagination decays into fantasy and then into disillusionment and there is really nothing on which expectation can operate. To sharpen the tools of reality creation, it is necessary to discover and awaken all kinds of desires. This recording contains a delightful writing process for discovering desires -- whether they're something you do alone, something that has financial value, even whether they're risky! When this is done, there are meditations involving leaves that you eat, elixirs you drink, and micro-meditations that awaken all kinds of desires. It is a scintillating, invigorating process that fills the cup of desires to the brim. (30 minutes) Other suggested titles: Excellence, The Tapestry of Success and Self-Confidence / Self-Awareness.

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    Keywords: Raw Materials of Reality Creation, Tools of Reality Creation, Success, Writing Techniques

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