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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Passions Awaken: The Soul's Call To Adventure
  • Passions Awaken: The Soul's Call To Adventure

    Product #581


    Lazaris initiates an esoteric alchemy of combustion that can transform the fertile disorder of chaos into the creative elegance of passion, that can transform fear and anxiety of the Unknown into luminous inner guidance with greater meaning, greater significance, and thus greater value for each of us. On this recording, Lazaris clearly explains the boundless love, the unbridled enthusiasm, the insatiable yearning, and the unending longing that is passion. He shows us the essential role passion plays in our spiritual growth. It is a foundation of empowerment, integral in our Soul's voice, critical to hearing our Soul's Call to Adventure, and to responding to that Call. Lazaris explores what passion provides and how we have lost passion. And Lazaris defines precisely what our Soul's Call to Adventure is. The evening concludes with a series of esoteric techniques that involve working with our Passion Stealers and with the Muse. Also included are pragmatic techniques: The Steamy Breath of Passion, Chronicling Passions, The Grace of Challenge and Competition. He culminates with the Bonfires of Passion Meditation.

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    Meditation: Bonfires of Passion Meditation

    Keywords: Passion, Role of Passion, Soul's Call to Adventure, Foundation of Empowerment

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