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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Opening to New Horizons: The Majesty of Hope
  • Opening to New Horizons: The Majesty of Hope

    Product #8753


    Tonight we work with opening to new horizons. We work with hope, seeking to touch the core, the mystical core or the heart, of hope. We work to reach beyond your current boundaries to touch the majesty of hope. ~ Lazaris

    Hope seems ubiquitous; hope is a resonance and a synergy. Lazaris explores the nature of hope and its bounty. The evening progresses. Lazaris then lays out a step-by-step ritual, a seven-step map, so that we can Embrace Hope. Beginning with Defining the Focus and Exploring the Reservoirs of Hope, we continue with Gathering the Seed of Hope and then with Releasing the Seed. The next step: We can truly Embrace Luminous Hope, and we Engage in a Mystical Journey inside and upon the terrain of hope. The final step, The Return, is profound. This loving and magical evening concludes with a subtle adaptation of the map with a ritual meditation: Embracing Luminous Hope.

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    Meditation: Embracing Luminous Hope

    Keywords: Hope, Embracing, Luminous

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