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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : New Vistas of Hope: The Mystical Core of Great Magic
  • New Vistas of Hope: The Mystical Core of Great Magic

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    Magic becomes splendid magic, it becomes great magic, when it is infused with the aesthetics and esoterics of the Divine – of God/Goddess/All That Is. ~ Lazaris

    During this discussion, Lazaris guides us upon a gentle journey, an intimate one. Upon this journey, we seek hope: Hope can guide us to the realm of Splendid Magic; hope can be the infuser of the Divine that can lift our magic to become Great Magic. Along the way, hope can change our magic, allowing it to be more vibrant and viable, with workings that are more profound – more far-reaching. Along the way, hope can change our life, allowing it to become richer with the texture of greater success and greater happiness. We explore the Nature of Hope to understand how the Divine Hope we received from God/Goddess/All That Is dwindled and was replaced by human hope. Then we uncover what hope can be for us, the magicians of our current and future Age: Hope can spark so much within us (power, courage/confidence, co-creation, dominion) and it can be a reservoir for so many things (love, happiness, resonance of the miraculous, and magic).

    With this foundation, we reach for the new horizons of what hope can be and what it can provide as it adds dimension - it is an attractor, a stabilizer, and our guide to Splendid Magic - to Great Magic. Techniques include Seven Days of Hope,  Elixir of Hope, and Mystery of Hope's Paradox. Powerful meditation included.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Reshaping Hope

    Keywords: Hope, Great Magic, Splendid Magic, Hope's Paradox, Elixir of Hope, Seven Days of Hope

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