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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Embracing the Wholeness of Our Truer Self: The Lost Secrets and the Forgotten Art of Remembering (Excerpts) (audio)
  • Embracing the Wholeness of Our Truer Self: The Lost Secrets and the Forgotten Art of Remembering (Excerpts) (audio)

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    The February 2015 Los Angeles Intensive (Excerpts)

    The Truer Self is a marvel, a holographic "self" that embraces all the aspects of individual consciousness: ego, child, adolescent, self-I, Higher Self, subconscious, unconscious, soul, spirit, and the spark of God/Goddess/All That is in us. Lazaris characterizes this wonder as a visionary leader, a transcendent dreamer, a mapmaker and miracle-maker, and the bearer of our goodness, truth and beauty. Even a slightest touch of the Truer Self sends a shiver, a shimmer, of wonder through us. Its embrace is accessed through tapping of memory. It is an embrace that transforms our lives.

    Lazaris explores four kinds of memory: the Duplication/Replication Memory that is a function of physical recall; the Metaphysical/Spiritual Memory that includes the thoughts and feelings generated by our life events; the Cosmic Memory that is the memory of Soul, the memory that we enter through the Portals of Oneness; and the Divine Memory that is the memory of God/Goddess/All That Is. Our resistances to tapping these levels of memory are various, from the tainted residues of our Dark Law and Dark Shield to fears of stepping out of safety or the encounter of our own dark memories.

    In a stunning meditation, our Higher Self extracts our resistances and fills the vacated dark spaces with love and light. Then Lazaris, with his memories of us, surrounds us with his love and dreams both us and our Higher Selves anew. A profound, esoteric discussion and wondrous and transcendent meditation.  (Length: 2 hrs and 43 min)

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Embracing the Truer Self: a Healing Meditation with Your Higher Self and Lazaris

    Keywords: Beacon Dreams, Black Dogs of Nature, Cosmic Memory, Directional Lifetimes, Divine Memory, Duplication/Replication Memory, Eternal Dreams, Exalted Character, Future Creation, Gracious Generosity, Higher Self, Love, Mapmaker, Memory, Metaphysical / Spiritua

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