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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Loving Joyously: Superseding and Transcending Self
  • Loving Joyously: Superseding and Transcending Self

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    Joyous loving can be your means and method not only to access expansion that can be miraculous, but it can be your means and method to supersede and transcend your fears and to supersede and transcend yourself. ~ Lazaris

    The recording begins with an exploration: What is joyous loving? With a brief review, Lazaris reminds us that we know what love is and we also know what joy is, but the concept as well as the experience of loving joyously may elude us. As the discussion unfolds, Lazaris offers us a map, a flowing progression and procession from love to loving joyously: 1) love is made for giving but it begins with receiving; 2) flowing beyond first love and the first falling in love into more real giving; 3) giving opens to joy; 4) loving that engages the Muse so we can “hear the music” awakens loving joyously; 5) set in motion, loving joyously reveals more faces of love; 6) awakening aliveness, wholeness, individuality, becoming more, belonging, and togetherness . . . the maturing of love; and 7) a standing wave and a field of resonance emerge: loving joyously becomes more powerful than love we have known.

    As we are conscious of the flowing progression and procession, we can be the beneficiaries of the bounty of loving joyously. Lazaris examines several benefits as the exploration continues. Our established patterns of loving can shift and lift, reaching higher octaves of expression and power. We can discover a new range of elegance in the living and loving of life. Joy can become genuine and continual in our lives, and we can find comfort; we can find peace. And something else can happen: our more real or truer self - our transcendent self - can be revealed. The miracles can be endless. Following a beautiful meditation, Lazaris concludes the evening with four techniques: Oasis of Loving Joyously; Removal of Masks & Disguises; Vessel of Giving; and Ritual of Renewal.

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    Meditation: Loving Joyously Meditation

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