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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Living in the Moment: Glorious Adventures and the Miracles That Can Unfold
  • Living in the Moment: Glorious Adventures and the Miracles That Can Unfold

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    During 2005 Lazaris explored four distinctively powerful avenues, four uniquely powerful ways, to develop rapport with illumination and thus to develop an alliance with the mystery and magic of illumination. Of those means, Living in the Moment is the most illusive and elusive; it is also potentially the most powerful. Gently, Lazaris guides us through a mystical terrain from conscious illumination, to establishing domain, infusing that domain with mystery, and then to expansion. Being a “giant” we create union and then enter the arcane mysticism of surrender - surrender without submission. It is an art. And then in a moment that is beyond description and full comprehension . . . Presence. We take the steps in a process that has no steps. It is amazing. And yet there are the practical expressions: spontaneity, beauty, hope, and working with our duality are combined with conscious/unconscious presence, illumination, and enlightenment. And when we are all done, we, as Lazaris points out, “we chop wood.” This astounding evening ends with a powerful meditation in which Lazaris guides us through the steps of the stepless process. Yes. Living in the moment is a paradox. And in that truth lies amazing power and magic.

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    Meditation: The Living in the Moment Meditation

    Keywords: moment, spontaneity, beauty, hope, duality, presence, illumination, enlightenment

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