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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Healing Our Alliances of Love
  • Healing Our Alliances of Love

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    With the healing of alliance, your current loving can take on new richness and can generate a greater sense of being with more powerful and more profound impact. Your love can become more real with meaning and value, by choice, and with reflection.-- Lazaris

    We always seek greater love, and we always look to expand the love in our lives. But how do we do that? We could focus on just giving, responding, and respecting more. We could look to do more rejoicing in the presence and more experiencing of the goodness, truth, and beauty. And then we could do more and more and . . . greater love and expanded love can be exhausting and dangerous.

    There is another way: We can discover our alliance with love and then heal it. Each of us has an alliance that Lazaris suggests is like a dance. How do we dance with love? Once we understand our personal alliance - our private dance - we can heal it. With the healing of our alliance with love can come greater love, expanded love, and new love in our lives. During this magical evening tape, Lazaris explores the merits of such healing and then unfolds the components that contribute to and then that generate our personal alliance. From encumbrances and entanglements to anchors and tethers, from fantasies to fantasias, and from who in us responds to love, we can unravel our current alliance. In an altered state, we can enter the metaphorical heart of love to allow the magic and the miracle of healing. Out of the guided meditation, Lazaris concluded this evening recording by offering specific techniques for grounding and then expanding the healing. Alliance healed, love grows. Love grows, and we become more of who we truly are. It can be magical; it can be miraculous.

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    Meditation: Healing Alliance with Love

    Keywords: Love, alliance, healing

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