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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Harnessing the Power of Our Unconscious
  • Harnessing the Power of Our Unconscious

    Product #626


    In this lively and fun discussion of the wonders and mysteries of our unconscious mind, Lazaris explores the Power of Being Conscious, the Mystery of Choice, and the alchemy of combining conscious power and mysterious choice. The result: an unstoppable force of magic. Lazaris lays the foundation as he discusses familiar access to our unconscious mind: Underworld and Causal Plane techniques are reviewed and programming and dreaming techniques are explored. Among them, Lazaris talks of the Temporal Lobe Doorway, the Unconscious Programming Grid, the Pillars of Strength & Mercy, and of the Tonal Creation Manifestation Entry. Upon the foundation, we add a precise resonance and we are ready to harness the power of our unconscious. Lazaris concludes this rousing discussion with four specific techniques including the Focal Point technique and the Seven I's technique. Wonderful meditation included.

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    Meditation: Power of our Unconscious

    Keywords: unconscious, mysteries, unknown, underworld, causal plane

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