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  • Harmony: The Power Vortex

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    Feminine and masculine energy (not gender, but energy) are mysteriously powerful, and on this recording Lazaris explores the true nature of both and the creation of the Power Vortex that occurs when they are in harmony. Lazaris connects these energies to their respective qualities and chakras and introduces us to the Animus and Anima. He helps us determine where we are out of balance and discusses the devastating impact of male chauvinism on both sexes. The Power Vortex meditation brings both personified energies together in harmony, and an immensely powerful synergy is born which can catapult us forward in our growth. Lazaris includes a beautiful blending as well. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours. Companion title: Balance: Releasing the Full Self

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    Meditation: The Power Vortex Meditation (Feminine and Masculine Energy Vortex)

    Keywords: Feminine Energy, Masculine Energy, Chauvinism, Tools of Reality Creation, Raw Materials of Reality Creation, Brain, Imagination, Manifesting, Trust, Harmony, Chakra System, Lazaris Blending, Animus, A

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