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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Greater Success: The Forgotten Ally of Our Subconscious Mind
  • Greater Success: The Forgotten Ally of Our Subconscious Mind

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    With this alliance, so much wonder can come to us. We can grow and change with elegance, excellence, and by magic. We can access sources and resources to enhance the techniques we know and to empower techniques we are learning. As well, we can enhance our relationship with our Higher Self, Soul, and Spirit and our partnership with God/Goddess/All That Is. An added treasure: We can discover the love . . . yes, the love . . . that our Subconscious Mind has for us. Lazaris begins with outlining the preparation: Hurdles to overcome and move beyond; Foundation of Self-Trust; Foundation of Connection with our subconscious self; and the Resonance of Knowing. Then Lazaris builds the "illumination" to strengthen our current relationship with our subconscious so we can initiate expanding that relationship to discover the potentials of alliance. During a powerful meditation, we greet our subconscious self and speak with our eyes; they guide us to the Forbidden Zone. Planting the seeds, an alliance can begin growing, building, and expanding. Lazaris concludes the evening with specific powerful techniques to allow the alliance to become more real: Working with Crystals; Working with Amulets & Talismans; Working with "ash, seeds, and a basket, torus, and treasure chest" while in the Forbidden Zone. A powerful discussion . . . a profound opportunity.

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    Meditation: The Forbidden Zone

    Keywords: The Forbidden Zone, oneness, alliance, hurdles, trust

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