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  • Freedom from Karma

    Product #6025


    There are no Karma Lords who inflict our karma on us. We choose our own karma for good reasons -- or for reasons that are not so good. Karma is like a backdrop behind all our lifetimes -- holding treasures that allow us a glimpse of ourselves as greater than the lifetimes we live, but which can also stagnate our growth, impede change, and cause us to hang onto judgments, admonishment, discipline, and root emotions long after they are appropriate or even effective. Freedom from karma may involve giving the Gift of Death to a past life and receiving the Gift of Life in return, and it may involve journeys down the River of Time to events in this lifetime or another. Lazaris and your Higher Self are there to help in a magnificent meditation to contact past lives -- and Lazaris outlines a three-phase process for evaluating the aspects of karma, for healing past lives, and for breaking through into a freedom unknown in any other lifetime. (1 hour)

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    Meditation: Doorway in the Meadow: Past Life Meditation

    Keywords: Karma, Current Lifetime's Past, Past Lives, Higher Self, River of Time, Doorway in the Meadow, The Gift of Death, The Gift of Life

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