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  • Discovering the Adult

    Product #438


    True adulthood is a synergy of the Free Child, the Curious Adolescent, the Nurturing Parent, and the Supportive Positive Ego. The true adult has a flexibility of identity and ideals, values and principles, consciously creates fun, and has an organistic trust of the Whole Self: its intellect, intuition, emotions, and body. The true adult constantly builds self-esteem and impeccability and voluntarily takes responsibility. Lazaris outlines steps to making the decision to become a true adult, and maps a seven-step process to achieve it. Once attained, true adulthood can move into the Expanded Adult, a state of beingness from which one can absolutely have an impact on the world. Beyond even that, there is a form of adulthood so rarefied it is beyond language and has no name. With a wonderful meditation to make the choice for true adulthood. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Choice of Adulthood Meditation

    Keywords: Adult, Child, Adolescent, Free Child, Curious Adolescent, Nurturing Parent, Positive Ego, Trust, Responsibility, Principles, Ideals, Image, Expanded Adult

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