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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Discover the Dreamer from Lemuria
  • Discover the Dreamer from Lemuria

    Product #6010


    This recording is a journey to Lemuria -- the fabled land that lies beyond the Bridge of Belief, and which is as real today as it was 90,000 years ago. Lazaris begins by describing the shimmering Continent in the Mist -- its woodlands, its jagged mountains, its overwhelming fjords ... its mystical central plain where Crystal Cities towered above the forest floor. Lazaris talks about the beauty of Lemurian spiritual life -- and about the Dreamers whose task it was to dream into reality the dreams of others. In the meditation, Lazaris takes you to meet the Dreamer from Lemuria -- as alive now as ever, as powerful and beautiful now as ever -- and the Dreamer dreams a dream for you to help you create what you want. An extraordinary release that evokes an incredible sense of personal knowing about Lemuria, the Land That Imagination Forgot. ... (1 hour)

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    Meditation: The Lemurian Dreamer Meditation

    Keywords: Lemuria, Lemurian Dreamer, Dreaming, Manifestation, Receiving

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