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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Activating the Initial Source of All Magic
  • Activating the Initial Source of All Magic

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    Lazaris begins with a powerful statement: “This year can be a great year of stellar success where realities change and where opportunities come to pass with magical elegance and ease.” He continues, “It can be a year of exceptional and extraordinary success and happiness, of exceptional and extraordinary love, and of exceptional and extraordinary wisdom and knowing. It can be all this and more . . . or not.” The major keys to the kind of year we create lie in how we relate to mystery and in how we go about making mystery. We begin by exploring the initial source of all magic: Cosmic Memory. Lazaris talks of the awakening of the magician in each of us and of how it is a time of maturing that magician to create a more compassionate, more responsible, and a more just reality for us and for our world. After defining Cosmic Memory, he discusses four specific ways to encounter that august and ancient realm: Foundational Approach; Gateways to Unconscious Presence; Imaginal Realm Procession of Symbols; and The Right Path. Following a profoundly powerful meditation, Lazaris concluded the evening talking about how to activate Cosmic Memory as we work our magic. These techniques include such things as developing the Skill/Art of Accessing Cosmic Memory, finding a Tangible Symbol of Mysteryor an Audible Symbol of Mystery, and working with our Personal Myth & Mystery. This is a rousing evening of wonder and magic.

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    Meditation: Valley of Mystery

    Keywords: Valley of Mystery, cosmic memory, unconcious presence, mystery

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