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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Blendings : A Lazaris Blending: Accepting and Honoring Who You Really Are ~ January 2018, The Year of Acceptance
  • A Lazaris Blending: Accepting and Honoring Who You Really Are ~ January 2018, The Year of Acceptance

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    You have reached the end of a very long journey, having released many old patterns of behavior and old ways of acting and doing, having transcended many old ways of thinking and feeling, of believing, and of choosing. Open your heart wide and fill it with love and celebration. Fill it with self-acceptance. Then your spirit will lift upon the winds of change, billowing with clear thought, surging with creativity and intuition, and flourishing with potent choices. Success, from the material to the ethereal, can always be within your reach, within your touch, and within your grasp. Do not lose sight of the love and celebration; do not lose your sense of self-acceptance. Let your heart be full. Let your Soul be free. Let your Spirit soar. ~ Lazaris, Underlying Truth, 1995, The Year of Vision 

    In this beautiful time of being together with Lazaris, he opens quiet doors of discovery, and asks, as he has before ... who are you? Rather than rush to answer the question, just be with it ... ponder and savor it as you drift with Lazaris into depths of compassion, community, and connection. From this foundation, allow more of who you really are to be revealed. Can you accept that you are more vast and mighty than you know? As you let go of who you are not or who you pretend to be, you can discover and experience the beauty and love of who you really are. In a moment of solitude and enchantment, your heart can fill with love, with celebration, and with self-acceptance. Years ago, Lazaris said, "Nothing changes until you do." Can you imagine the changes that can unfold with the elegant act of knowing yourself -- knowing the grace of your own being, your own goodness, truth and beauty -- of knowing who you really are?

    Music Credits:

    Deep, Dietrich von Oppeln, [Music For Lazaris 9]

    I Show You My Place, Dietrich von Oppeln, [Music for Lazaris 13]


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    Keywords: Identity, Acceptance, Transcendence, Success, Change, Goodness, Truth, Beauty

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