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Shop : Love, Intimacy and Relationships : Relationships : 9046 Wonders of Sexuality
  • Legacy PPV The Wonders and Magic of Sexuality and the Miracles and Magic of Sensuality, One-Day

    Product #9046

    9046 Wonders of Sexuality
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Sexuality, Sensuality

    Price: $125.00


    It is time to lift your personal Veil of Magic. It is time to learn more magic, new magic, and deeper magic so that you can combine the more, the new and the deeper with the magic you don't yet know — and with the magic you will never fully understand, nor ever fully comprehend: transcendent magic.Lazaris from The Dawning of Your Day

    Within the esoteric depths of sexuality and sensuality, in the hidden or forbidden and in the lost or forgotten depths, there are incredible, even unfathomable, energies and forces. When we can touch those energies and forces, when we can harness and direct them, our magic can become more, new, and deeper. We can awaken the wonders of sexuality; we can precipitate the miracles of sensuality. We can engage magic we don't yet know, and we can embrace magic that we will never fully comprehend. Our magic and our magical workings, with this newly unfolding sacred magic of sexuality and sensuality, can become transcendent.

    This is not a workshop of techniques for better sex. It is an exploration of the sacred — the enchanting, the beautiful, and the mysterious — of our sexuality and of our sensuality. With technique and ritual we can learn to touch, harness, and direct these mystical energies and forces. We can infuse our magic with the sacred of sexuality and sensuality; we can imbue our magic with the incredible and unfathomable. Our infused and imbued magic can become transcendent magic; we can change our reality and our world more masterfully and more elegantly. Our Great Work can flourish with new artistry and dynamism.

    As this Year of Celebration gets underway, Lazaris invites us to a one-day workshop to celebrate … to celebrate the magic of our sexuality and the magic of our sensuality. Wonder and miracles can abound. Welcome …


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