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Shop : Love, Intimacy and Relationships : Receiving : Unlocking and Receiving Greater Love & Greater Intimacy with Your Higher Self
  • Unlocking and Receiving Greater Love & Greater Intimacy with Your Higher Self

    Product #647


    We know love and we have experienced how much we do love. And yet, no matter how much of our own love we know, we also realize that much of our love remains lost and needs to be reclaimed. And when we do reclaim our lost love, even more of our love flows into that mysterious reservoir - that reservoir of our love waiting . . . waiting to flow into our reality and into our world. So it is with our Higher Self‘s love for us. As much as we know of it, even more remains unknown - remains locked away, waiting to be released. Lazaris accompanies us upon a treasure hunt for love. Along the way we learn of exquisite moments of discoveryand of exquisite moments of knowing. We remember mystical unions of love as well as the mystery of love along with the abundance and prosperity of love. Each of these can be a stepping-stone to unlocking and receiving greater love and greater intimacy. As our hunt continues, Lazaris shows us how to lay a solid foundation with four specific cornerstones that can lead to the keystone that we seek. This evening is rich with beauty and magic. The techniques are so clear as they focus around how to make, work, and touch to unlock this greater love. A powerful meditation is included.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Unlocking Lost Love

    Keywords: Unlocking Lost Love, union, reservoir of love

    Price: $24.95

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