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  • The Goddess: Beginning To Receive Her

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    The gifts of the Goddess begin with Her very presence. Our blindness comes from a feeling of worthlessness and undeservability that permeates our attempts to grow closer to the Goddess. And our attempts are greatly complicated by a chauvinism that is devastating to both women and men and leaves us all feeling as if we are no more than human capital, products off an assembly line. Lazaris draws a picture of what an attitude free of chauvinism would look like -- where imagination and creativity stand next to logic and reason, where spirituality and chaos are valued as much as system and order. From this new balance, elevated above the either/or mentality of chauvinism, we can begin to receive the Goddess. With a beautiful meditation that heals our unworthiness and chauvinism and begins to open us up to the Presence of the Goddess. (1 hour)

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    Meditation: Beginning to Receive Her Meditation

    Keywords: Goddess, Chauvinism, Philosophy of Profitability, Self-Worth, Undeservability, Living Imagination, Human Capital

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