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  • Embracing Your Higher Self: Receiving the Love

    Product #6000


    Lazaris has often said that the lifetime in which your Higher Self becomes real for you is the lifetime in which you go Home. This beautiful tape is about letting your Higher Self be more real for you than it's ever been before. Lazaris helps us confront our egocentricity, our fears of power, of responsibility, and of being hurt, and the consensus reality's misconceived and limited definition of the Higher Self as being just a technique for us to use. Then he gives us a beautiful meditation to help us sharpen our senses so that our Higher Self is more vibrantly real in our own meditations -- and to help us receive the love our Higher Self is always sending us. Four powerful techniques -- including the Love Box Technique -- help us clear our negative agendas, set up a resonance and a safe space for interacting with our Higher Self, and create more frequent, deeper, and more loving contact with our Higher Self. (1 hour)

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Embracing Your Higher Self

    Keywords: Higher Self, Resonance, Hidden Agendas, Love Box, Engaging the Senses, Ego, Love, Receiving, Genetics, DNA, Consensus Reality

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