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  • Utilizing Our Destiny: Consciously Directing Evolution

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    A title of almost unimaginable depth, Utilizing Our Destiny: Consciously Directing Evolution has its own remarkable resonance. Lazaris explores what our self-chosen destiny really is, moving along a path of exploration that includes our life focuses, our image, our identity, and our seven-fold motivation. He delves into the Seven Principles which guide all of human evolution and talks with great beauty about the nature of our human grace. With its beautiful meditation and seven powerful techniques -- including the Three Powers of Choice technique -- this tape is about discovering our living destiny. And it is about claiming our right to use that destiny in consciously directing the evolution of the human species -- which is the joy and thrill of the unique time and space in which we are living. An incredible ally on the Spiritual Journey Home. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Destiny / Directing Evolution Meditation

    Keywords: Destiny, Evolution, Motivation, Life Focuses, Image, Identity, Seven Principles of Human Evolution, Human Grace, Three Powers of Choice

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