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  • The Sirius Connection: What it Can Mean in Your Daily Life

    Product #543


    Lazaris begins this extraordinary recording with a discussion of the Opening of the Sirius Vortex on April 23, 1994, and the impact it has had on resonant causation, future causation, and brain chemistry and mechanics – in short, how everything is different now. Lazaris talks about the importance of resolving past issues so they do not find their way into the future, and outlines a plethora of techniques for working with the energy of Sirius – the star system which is also the Vortex of the Goddess.

    Included: working with the double-tetrahedron, the Light of Sirius, electromagnetic energy, the Pipeline of Futures, and techniques for creating Optimal Futures that will have tremendous impact on our realities now.

    Length: 3 hours

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    Keywords: Sirius, Optimal Futures, Vortex of the Goddess

    Price: $24.95

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