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  • The Journey Unfolds: Coming Home, Part II

    Product #571


    This evening is as a three-hour Lazaris Blending that continues the exploration of the initial "Coming Home" evening. Lazaris teaches us an incredible "Ritual of Reuniting" that takes us to our Oases of Joy and Wonder. Along the way, we enter the Abyss to make Fundamental Choice. We enter our prisons and our hidden agendas to break free. We gather the Tools of the Artisan. We encounter the Muse and are guided by one of the Muses to a world beyond. The depth of the experience is far reaching. The Ritual of Reuniting can become a bountiful tool upon our Journey Coming Home. {A companion to Coming Home I.}

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Ritual of Reuniting: Oasis of Joy Meditation

    Keywords: God/Goddess/All That Is, Spiritual Journey Home, Grand Attractor, Ritual of Reuniting, Oasis of Joy, Oasis of Wonder, The Muses, The Abyss, Tools of the Artisan

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