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Shop : Lazaris Starting Points : Why Are We Here : Something Bold, Something Grand: The Magnificent Journey, Commencing the Great Work (Evening Only)
  • Something Bold, Something Grand: The Magnificent Journey, Commencing the Great Work (Evening Only)

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    In the muse of celebration, the many voices can come together in harmony and then lift to symphony. - Lazaris

      So began a magical culminating weekend for the Year of Celebration. Celebration is an amazing source and resource for all magic. As Lazaris reminded us of the richness of celebration’s mystery and wonder, he also spoke of the power and the importance of honoring and respecting both celebration itself and ourselves as the celebrants. As the evening unfolded, Lazaris detailed the step-by-step Rite of Celebrating You, a beautiful and powerful ritual that can have profound affect upon our magic and our magical workings. As this elegant and mystical Rite concludes, we stand alone, but never alone, never again alone. A spark or an ember rolls across the sacred ground toward us. It is a seed that we place in our heart, in that place apart where it can thrive and grow. In that seed? Something bold, something daring, something grand. . . . Though we cannot fully understand how or why, we know: We know that somehow our participation in the Great Work has begun. The days that follow this evening are among the most powerful of all culminating weekends. However, this evening stands alone as a powerful culmination for a year of magic and as a beautiful adjunct to our magic and to our living of life. The Rite of Celebrating You is the meditation that concludes this evening.

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    Meditation: The Rite of Celebrating You

    Keywords: Celebration, Honor, Respect, Great Work

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