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  • Enchanted Wisdom: Windows to the New World

    Product #583


    Awakening our genius and becoming wise . . . keys to building a new structure of permission and authority to be powerful . . . and yet the components of wisdom have been dismembered and wisdom has been forgotten; there is no room for wisdom.

    Lazaris discusses what has happened to wisdom and he helps us explore our personal resistance to becoming wise, as he helps us lift the veils of our personal resistance to becoming wise, including: Temptation of "One Problem"; Resonance of Destiny; Animism of Senses; Dynamism of the Possible; Complexity of Wisdom, and that "Something More." Lazaris explores explicit techniques: Wisdom Catcher; Tests of Wisdom; Bundles and Wisdom Crystalsare only a few. With the magic of enchanted wisdom, we can take that giant's step closer to the Possible Future of dreams and vision -- to that New World we are destined to create. And our lives can come alive with wonder, happiness, and success. They can come alive now.

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    Meditation: Wisdom Catcher Meditation

    Keywords: Wisdom, Enchanted, Painter, Poet, Musician, Philosopher, Complexity, Paradox, “Something More,” Wisdom

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