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  • Developing Self-Confidence I

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    Self-Confidence is the ability to depend upon ourselves and our positively functioning ego. It is an ability to cope that is a synergy of trust, humility, hope, and courage formulated in a specific way known as the Self-Confidence Quotient. Lazaris explores how to increase the components of trust to arrive at the highest possible Self-Confidence Quotient and how to slip out of the payoffs that rob us of the confidence we need to combat the Tyranny of Loneliness. Lazaris also outlines the qualities of two levels of self-confidence and gives us a dynamic "Shield of Confidence" Meditation to instill and activate these components. He concludes with a discussion of the Grand Promise and the Spiritual Promise -- and notes about the validity of The American Dream. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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    Meditation: Shield of Confidence Meditation

    Keywords: Self-Confidence, Grand Promise, Spiritual Promise,Trust, The American Dream, Positive Ego

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