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Shop : Lazaris Starting Points : Valued Self : 9230 Beauty of Your Calling
  • Legacy PPV: Living the Beauty of Your Calling: Unfolding the Grandeur of Your Value and Worth, One Day

    Product #9230

    9230 Beauty of Your Calling
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Australia, value, worth, beauty

    Price: $150.00

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    Living the Beauty of Your Calling: Unfolding the Grandeur of Your Value and Worth, One Day Workshop

    While in the presence and grace of Beauty, if I become very still and listen, Beauty whispers to me. She shows me her face. And I weep. — Jach Pursel from Primal Beauty by Lawrence Stoller

    Here is a printable PDF of the Session List for this PPV event:

    We are aware of beauty in our lives. Aware, we can begin to see it all around us even in the turmoil and chaos of our world. We can also begin to understand its raw and magical energy and force — the mysterious force of beauty — in our lives and in our magic. Beyond understanding, however, to know — to really know — beauty takes a leap into its mystery. There we can “hear her whispers” as Beauty shows us her face. When we are courageous enough to take that leap, we can live beauty.

    Lazaris has designed a jewel, a faceted gem, of a One-Day workshop to lay forth a map for each of us. Not only to be aware and to understand, but to begin to know Beauty and to take that leap to begin living it. Beauty can become a living, breathing part of us, part of what we do, and yes, also a part of who and what we are being and becoming ...

    Following the map as Lazaris accompanies us, we can unfold something more, something grand: We can unfold the grandeur of our value and we can stir and awaken the grandeur of our worth. Majestic. Magnificent. We can be amazed to touch and be touched by our worth to ourselves and to others and then by our worth to the world.

    Are we courageous enough? Dare we leap? Dare we not leap? Come spend a magical day with Lazaris. As you and other masterful magicians from all parts of the world gather in Melbourne, come be awash in the magic and the love and the wonder. Come to do what magicians do: to love, to dream, to heal, and to work magic.

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