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  • Legacy PPV The Mystique of Valuation

    Product #9224

    9224 Mystique of Valuation
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Valuation, Value, Domain of Failure

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    The Mystique of Valuation

    We come to be with you. We come to talk with you and explore with you and discover with you, and in the mix, we come not only to be with you, but to help you find the healing and the loving and the dreaming and perhaps new ways to work your magic. … You are in the right place at the right time as this is the Year of Valuation. Valuation … there is a mystery to it, and there is a magic that emerges from that mystery that can lift and add value to your life, to your work and to your magic. ~ Lazaris

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    The Year of Valuation is upon us. It is the eighth year of a process, and because of that, this year can change the nature of the preceding seven years and can lift our loving, healing and dreaming to new levels. Following the election, in the piece Reaching Beyond, Lazaris talked about the grand paradox: “You failed, and by failing, you have succeeded beyond expectations.” In this half-day event, Lazaris continues this discussion, and discusses how we are now in a state or domain of failure, and that it is important to be in this state in order to allow our creativity to leap to innovation as we bring in the New World.

    In these troubling and unsettling times, it is hard to embrace this idea because we are out of balance. In response, Lazaris takes us on an immensely healing blending to restore our balance. A discussion follows about how to deal with any failure responsibly. Beyond this, we learn how to work with the Mystique of Valuation: understanding its mystery, and out of this mystery, understanding its magic. The Process of Valuation is described in detail followed by some suggested techniques. In the beautiful and sensuous Meditation/Ritual, The Vortex of Valuation, once anointed by our Higher Selves and Souls, we travel to a sacred space of ancient standing stones, and with our co-creators, we are filled to overflowing with the voices of valuation and enter a vortex to allow loving, healing and magic … remembering our value and worth, and knowing without certainty the grand success that will emerge out of our failure.

    Please join us for this sumptuous half-day event that can increase our understanding of what is happening in our world, and help to prepare us to deal with it through balance, responsibility, and the Mystique of Valuation.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a disparity between what Lazaris is saying and the graphic entitled, “The Mystery of Valuation”. Lazaris made that correction and the graphic is accurate.

    Music Credits:

    Dialogue, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 7
    Deep, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 9
    Call of the Mountains, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 12



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