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Shop : Lazaris Starting Points : The Elements : Personal Power & Beyond ... (audio)
  • Personal Power & Beyond ... (audio)

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    Once we knew a world where Time gave us opportunities to try again, and where Space was a drawing board on which to explore. The past was a teacher, the present gave feedback, and the future motivated us. In this World of Dominion, Nature and the Elements were friends with which to create reality, and power was a loving, creative master. Lazaris explores what power is not -- manipulation, intimidation, bullying, and domination. And then he outlines what true, positive power really is: the qualities of honesty, responsibility, and character that lead to the ultimate power that is being One with God/Goddess/All That Is. A thorough, detailed exploration of power and the joy of dominion that lies beyond it. With an incredible meditation. 2 hours.

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    Meditation: Personal Power

    Keywords: Honesty, Responsibility, Character, Dominion, Trust, Love

    Price: $24.95

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