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  • Utilizing the Magic of Self-Trust

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    Self-Trust is critical to so much that we value: It is the keystone of love, intimacy, and caring, and it is essential for building the esteem and confidence necessary in being the Valued Self. It is key to the vibrancy of our magic and to enhancing the quality of our relationship with our Higher Self. Yet beyond the wonder of Self-Trust, there is a magic - a magic that can reach far beyond the beauty of trust itself. In an enlivened discussion, Lazaris explores why it has been so hard to trust ourselves: Social paradoxes, the lack of trustworthiness, and the “magic pill” are some of those reasons. Also, the “substitutes for trust” make genuine trust seem out of reach. Lazaris lays the groundwork not only for trusting ourselves but also for awakening the magic that lies dormant within trust. What is our optimum resource? How do we generate the resolve and “grow” our magic? How do we ground our Great Work? These questions answered, through meditation and technique we can find self-trust and work its magic. Techniques include Trust Crystal Matrix, Trust Dust, Trust Mask, and Trust Dreaming. Powerful meditation included.

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    Meditation: Trust's Magic

    Keywords: Trust, Self-trust, Resources, Majesty, Resolve, Great Work, Trust Dust, Trust Mask, Crystals

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