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  • The Lazaris Legacy Series: Responsibility and Freedom

    Product #53237


    Responsibility will lead you to freedom. ~ Lazaris

    Sometimes we shrink from responsibility, often because we don’t fully know what it entails and it can seem frightening. In this classic recording, Lazaris illuminates what responsibility really is and the reasons why we frequently run away from it, fearing it will demand more of us than it actually will. With clarity and precision, he lays out how to take responsibility for our individual realities in order to have the deeper levels of freedom we truly desire. He also discusses the different levels of freedom as well as how to determine where we are in our levels of personal freedom. This revelatory release includes a meditation to help gently strip away the resistances that stand between us and taking responsibility.

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Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.