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Shop : Lazaris Series : Special Moments with Lazaris : A Special Moment with Lazaris: Beyond What We Can Yet Imagine
  • A Special Moment with Lazaris: Beyond What We Can Yet Imagine

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    During one of the Magic Times of the Orlando Intensive (The Allure of Enchantment: Elegant Co-Creation with the Archetypes, March 2012), Lazaris responded to a question: What did Lazaris mean when he said,"You are ready to reach beyond your current work of this lifetime to more fully and more dynamically participate in something more -- something more than you can yet imagine and something more than you can yet dream?" The answer that Lazaris gave was sweeping, far reaching, and beautiful. It was another special moment with Lazaris. Touching, uplifting, inspiring. With permission, we offer this excerpt for all to experience. Enjoy. (22 minutes)

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    Keywords: imagine, great work, future, image

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