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  • Hearing the Call of Another Voice

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    Excerpts from Messages from the Lemurian Dreamers Orlando Intensive, March 2-4, 2001

    We have heard the call throughout our lifetime and throughout our many lifetimes. Lemuria is more than a land lost in the mists of myth: It is a state of mind and a state of being; it is an oasis of joy and wonder. Within the embrace of Lemuria, our Dreamer calls us. We have heard the call. We always do; we always will. This beautiful excerpt comes from Lazaris‚ the introduction to the amazing intensive, Messages from the Lemurian Dreamers. He talks of the call, and he talks of the land, giving a delightfully detailed overview of the realm that emerged from the mist, the land that in its time slipped back into the mist, the land that our imaginations forgot, the land in which we forgot something of ourselves. (42 minutes)

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    Keywords: Lemuria, Dreamer, Lemurian Dreamer

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