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Shop : Lazaris Series : Connecting with Lazaris : Empowering Your Imagination
  • Empowering Your Imagination

    Product #7017


    Requisite: Lazaris suggests working with a Connecting with Lazaris series recording called Enhancing Visualization before working with this title.

    There are only three tools with which we create our reality – desire, expectation, and imagination – and imagination is the most powerful of the three. To empower our imagination Lazaris gives us a four-fold process that is built of magazine pictures, a shoe box, seven treasure chests, and a piece of music. A tableau of images and a series of meditative actions develop both your visualization and your imagination – and solve a problem of your choosing in the process. It's an intricate process that is tremendous fun and that thoroughly fascinates and engages your mind. The results can be amazing: For if you empower the tool of reality creation that is already the most powerful one, you have a really profound change in manifestation and success coming. (30 minutes)

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    Keywords: Fantasia, Dreams, Longevity, Immortality, Space/Time (4th Dimension), Imagination, Virgin Future, Music Technique

    Price: $9.95

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