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  • Allowing the Fun

    Product #7005


    Learning to have fun is one of two life focuses everyone has in every lifetime. Focused on success so much of the time, we often forget this second focus -- and doing so can actually prevent us from moving forward. We find ourselves resistant to fun because our definitions are often those of our child and adolescent, and we know those to be detrimental to our staying in adult. But we also resist it because we keep falling back on a problem-ridden reality because it gives us a sense of personal depth, albeit a false one. Lazaris shows how to get our stalled growth moving again, and then outlines four meditations -- which can be attached to other meditations: a light technique meditation to absorb our limitations, a meditation with the inner child and adolescent to really understand why they don't want us to have fun, a Web of Fun Meditation to release the concerns of the child and adolescent, and a Gift of Fun meditation in which your Higher Self gives you a gift of fun each day for seven days. (30 minutes)

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    Meditation: Web of Fun, Gift of Fun

    Keywords: Ghostly Insight, Life Focuses, Personal Depth, Success, Pink/Peach/White Light Technique, Child, Adolescent

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