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Shop : Lazaris Series : Blendings with Lazaris : A Lazaris Blending: Aligning with Your Destiny: Healing, Dreaming, and Awakening ~ May 2018, The Year of Acceptance
  • A Lazaris Blending: Aligning with Your Destiny: Healing, Dreaming, and Awakening ~ May 2018, Year of Acceptance

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    Fortune is your wealth of sources and resources. It is that “something more” often called chance or luck that is more really choice and magic. Fortune is destiny … chosen and mystically given destiny. It is talent, imminent and now emerging from power and strength, or bestowed as a gift from God/Goddess/All That Is … bestowed by Goddess: A gift just for you. Find your fortune. Allow your fortune to find you. Let your fortune come alive with vibrancy and illumination. It can be your reward; it can be your guide. ~ Lazaris, Underlying Truth, 1998, The Year of Opportunity 

    In this blending, you can softly enter a domain of healing as you imagine yourself at water’s edge and ponder: What does fortune truly mean? As Lazaris describes its true meaning, he helps awaken your grace, generosity and creativity … as well as your fortune. As it is your nature to love and dream, it is now time to love and to heal. As you blend together, a space for healing is created where you can ask for the healing you desire as well as the healing you don’t yet know you desire or need. In a sublime moment, you can allow the Goddess’ love, healing, and Her magic … wrapped in Her love and in Her dreams, you never have to be the same again.

    Music Credits:

    Mother Earth Instrumental, Martin Salzwedel/Taato Gomez, Mother Earth Instrumental

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    Keywords: Fortune, Destiny, Healing, Creativity, Talent

    Price: $14.95

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