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Shop : Lazaris Series : Blendings with Lazaris : A Lazaris Blending: The Radiance of Pause, a Time for Forgiveness ~ June 2018, The Year of Acceptance
  • A Lazaris Blending: The Radiance of Pause, a Time for Forgiveness ~ June 2018, The Year of Acceptance

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    Fantasy without pause can become fanaticism. Illumination without shadow can become blinding rather than enlightening. Guidance without boundary can be the workings of your trickster or negative ego. Movement without balance can be the frenzy of insanity rather than the awakening of genius. Presence without authority lingers, always waiting, always a potential ... impotence. Honor the pauses and respect your shadows. Acknowledge your boundaries as current expressions and reflections of yourself and of your limits. In the authority of a moment, with clarity, knowing, centering and healing, with trusting, allowing and receiving ... in the authority of a moment, honor balance and let equilibrium prevail. Step forth, empowered. ~ Lazaris, Underlying Truth, 1997, The Year of Empowerment

    Lazaris has often explored the power of pausing. It is an important key in creating success. In this wondrous and beautifully intimate blending time, as you move into the divine domain of Pause, decide ... what is it you want to forgive? Listen to the splendor of forgiveness, and forgive ... you can forgive something lost or buried in your shadows, dark and light. And in the presence of your Higher Self, Soul, and Lazaris, you can forgive yourself. Who else do you want to forgive? Forgiveness can nourish and heal, it can be a light that shows you the way.




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    Keywords: Pause, Forgiveness

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