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Shop : Healing and Well Being : Generating and Sustaining Energies : Current Crises and Chaos: Ways to Harness the Energy and Alleviate the Pain - FREE (Video)
  • Current Crises and Chaos: Ways to Harness the Energy and Alleviate the Pain - FREE (Video)

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    Dear Friends,

    Lazaris recorded a special message for our community in 2017 after the fires in Sonoma regarding all of the natural disasters and tragedies in our world of late. He addressed the "fierce and furious" chaos and why things have intensified. We offer this as a gift to our community. Please feel free to share with your communities in the world as well.

    With love,

    The MMT

    Fires, hurricanes, shootings ... it seems there is so much chaos in our world these days. In this special release, which is being offered as a gift, Lazaris addresses these unusually chaotic times, from why they are happening to what we can do to alleviate their impact. He speaks of the "fierce and furious" chaos and pain that are so prevalent, as well as the importance of electromagnetic energy. This recording offers both a healing balm and an opportunity to step up as magicians and make maps for our personal worlds and our world at large.


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